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Visionary Agility

Victor Speaker

Meet Victor.

SkillsFuture Fellowship

Certified Team Coach, Scrum Alliance

Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation 

SkillsFuture Fellow, Class of 2021

Founder, Executive Director, Organisational Coach and Industry Trainer with deep expertise guiding enterprises in their journey of agility. As the pioneer Scrum Alliance and Open Leadership Network guide in Singapore, Victor is on a mission to empower individuals in their pursuit of personal excellence.



Our services include organisational coaching, training, consulting and assessments. We specialise in crafting thriving, hyperproductive workplaces that consistently yield remarkable business outcomes.


I am impressed how Victor treats everyone with the same respect and positive attitude. He genuinely  helped me not only during  coaching sessions but also outside the sessions provided me with market benchmarks and insights. I found him an agile leader and always seeks to add value. His innate curiosity and wisdom led him to ask a lot of good questions so that I could master and understand the big picture.

Ani P., Former ED and Head of HR

UOB Indonesia

Victor’s expertise in Agile, psychology, coaching proved highly informative and were appreciated across the company. He effectively assessed our organisational dynamics, identified areas for improvement, and tailored his coaching approach to address our specific needs. He helped us learn how to create a more transparent and accountable work environment. Our projects are now benefitting from increased efficiency, reduced roadblocks, towards a clear focus on delivering value iteratively. I wholeheartedly recommend Victor’s Scrum Coaching services to any executive seeking to understand their organisation's performance and achieve successful project outcomes.

Dr. Robert B., Co-founder and CTO


Victor served our executive team as an enterprise coach and trusted advisor. Through his coaching, I uncovered more effective ways to lead my organisation of over 200 people. He successfully introduced a coaching culture into the company and provided stewardship in our company-wide transformation focusing on value delivery and team stability. Victor's firm, yet supportive, personality serves him uniquely in his ability to challenge people for growth and commitment. He is also a masterful facilitator who consistently holds space, in the face of our culturally diverse mix, at and across all levels of seniority. I highly recommend Victor’s services to any organisation seeking to develop a strong learning culture.

Chief Operating Officer

Mid-sized AI Software Company


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